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Meet our Clinical Operations Manager

Kiya J. West (She/her/hers)

With a sterling 26-year career dedicated to office support and management, I am a seasoned professional adept at orchestrating seamless office operations. In my extensive and diverse career in the realm of office and administrative support, I have honed my skills in organization, communication, strategic coordination, office management, client service, building and maintaining client relationships, project management, calendar management, and event planning.

Over the years, I have navigated many office landscapes and provided invaluable support and management. My roles have spanned various industries, from public relations marketing and management consulting, affording me a diverse skill set that blends adaptability with precision.

My educational background has been the foundation for my longevity and growth. I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Robert Morris University, Illinois, in Chicago, IL, and a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL.

Throughout my career, I have been instrumental in driving operational excellence, streamlining processes, and enhancing productivity. My commitment to confidentiality, attention to detail, and dedication to anticipating needs have consistently earned the trust and respect of those I work with.

I have a dedication to fostering the well-being and healing journey for individuals through my effective practice management. With an understanding of the unique challenges and nuances of this field, I want to optimize the operational and administrative facets of the behavioral health industry to make it a smooth and seamless experience for our clients.

I’ve led practice initiatives that resulted in streamlined administrative processes, improved patient satisfaction, and enhanced overall practice performance.  Whether implementing electronic health record systems, optimizing billing procedures, or spearheading clinician wellness, my focus has consistently been on elevating the standards of care in behavioral health.

As a clinician operations manager, my vision is to continue to advance the practice’s mission of providing high-quality, accessible behavioral health services.  I am dedicated to staying abreast of industry developments, implementing innovative solutions, and fostering an environment where clinicians can thrive in delivering the best possible support during client healing journeys.

I am not just a clinician operations manager; I am a passionate advocate for healing, growth, and personal well-being. I look forward to contributing to the ongoing success and expansion of our practice in the community and beyond.


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