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Meet Dante Henderson

Clinical Social Worker/Therapist MSW, LCSW (He/Him/His)

As a Black man, I've observed how various cultural identities intersect with mental health in both my community and clinical practice. My dedication lies in supporting individuals and families from diverse backgrounds as they navigate the complexities of personal growth and identity.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences including education, writing, nonprofit work, and artistry, I bring eight years of expertise to the mental health field. Specializing in trauma-focused and cognitive-based interventions, 

I earned my A.M. degree from the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois.

My therapeutic approach is collaborative and client-centered, emphasizing empowerment for all involved. I believe in amplifying each client's strengths throughout our journey together. Guided by the principle that "people start to heal the moment they feel heard," I prioritize creating a safe space where clients can authentically express themselves and co-create positive change.

Confidentiality, informed consent, and the autonomy of my clients are paramount in my practice. I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development, engaging in regular consultation and self-reflection to continually enhance my effectiveness as a healing practitioner.


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