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Psychologist Session


Here at According to Sykes, assistance and guidance is offered through Individual, Family and Group therapy as well as Professional Development and Training Opportunities.  We recognize and understand the complicated and complex ways that trauma influences all parts of someone’s life, body, and brain, and make treatment decisions based on that framework. We realize that most people have lived through some type of trauma because trauma is so common and understand treatment through that lens.


Using the therapeutic relationship process, we can examine the ways in which chronic disconnections from empathically failing and non-responsive relationships early in life get encoded as relational images which shape our expectations for current relationships. According to Sykes works to collaborate in facilitating choice and empowerment for those marginalized by discrimination based on color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability, or veteran’s status.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is emotionally focused and culturally affirming with a strengths-based perspective.


Family and Group Therapy

Family and Group Therapy works to link individuals, groups and families with one another to build therapeutic communities. These services offers children, adolescents and families who have been stigmatized and labeled with a new experience of self-transformation.

Business Conference

Professional Development, Consultation and Training Opportunities

Professional Development, Consultation and Training Opportunities are offered to give you the space you need to process, grow, and show up more fully for your work as your human self.

*Services maybe covered in full or part by your health insurance or health savings programs. Agency rates are determined based on the scope of work. If you've already scheduled a service you can contact us to send payment.

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