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(Individual, Couple, & Family)

John provides relational-based individual, couple and family psychotherapy.  His practice has flexible schedules and provides morning, afternoon and evening sessions.  The office is open on Saturday.  Sessions are typically 50 minutes.   


John works with people from various cultural, ethical and religious backgrounds.  John also works with people of all abilities, genders, and sexual orientations.


John works with individual, families, vulnerable population, and people who have been impacted by violence and trauma.

Professional Development


John offers staff development and training to other psychotherapist, agencies and community partners.  John tailors specialized training based on the individual and/or community partner’s request.

Supervision and Consultation

John provides supervision to other professionals and students.  John provides supervision and preparation for obtaining clinical licensures.


John offers consultation to individuals, consumers, and agencies who wish to discuss current clinical, ethical and/or programmatic dilemmas.

Services may be covered in full or part by your health insurance or health savings programs.  Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following question prior to your scheduling your first appointment.

1) Do I have mental or behavioral health insurance benefits?

2) What is my deductible and has it been met?

3) What is the coverage amount per therapy session?

4) Is approval required from my primary care physician, insurance company or other third party?

5) How much will I need to pay out of pocket for each session?


Payment:  Check, Cash, health insurance savings card and all major credit cards are accepted.  Payments are due at the beginning of each session.

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1525 East 53rd Street – Suite 911 

Chicago, IL 60615 |  Tel: 773.960.4096

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